Is it possible to have too much fun???

Is it possible to have too much fun???

You’ll never guess what we have been up to here at Windsor Mountain. Session two has been a wild success so far!  As we enter the final week of camp it’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over.

If you’ve been following the photo blog you will already know that we surprised the camp last Thursday with BEACH DAY!  The weather was perfect.  The weather reports threatened for rain in the late afternoon but the sunshine held out and we played in the sand and waves all afternoon.  Counselors set up hair braiding stations in the shade and brought guitars and drums so campers could cool off in the shade with some relaxing music.  An epic game of dive ball had sand flying all around and laughter erupting from every player.  And this summer’s beach day marked the invention of the “Tildy Jump”, a new way to ride waves in style.

Friday was a bit wetter weather so instead of a campfire the Windsor Mountain Casino was opened for business.  Dressed in their swankiest attire, campers used their “money” to bet on games like How Many Fingers am I Holding Behind My Back?  and a surprise dance-off between Steve and Lukas.  It was a battle well fought by both parties but in the end Lukas reigned triumphant and so did those who bet on his wicked dancing skills.  At the end of the night bunks pooled their cash to bid on auction items.  One hot item was the sleep-in with breakfast served in bed by the counselors!  In the end, every bunk walked out with a prize and extremely funny memories!

Sunday was the icing on the cake of our wonderful week.  On Sunday morning we hiked out to the red pine forest for morning meeting.  It was beautiful and peaceful and a little bit emotional as thoughts of the final days of camp crept into our minds.  With arms wrapped around each others shoulders we shared stories, songs and tears.  Thank goodness for Mr Pants who came to the rescue at the end to give everyone a case of the giggles.  Thank you, Mr Pants.  After a well deserved siesta we broke out into International Day!  Our international campers and counselors presented booths for their home country.  At each booth there was a chance to learn a little about the countries culture and sample some traditional food.  There were mangoes from Haiti, crepes from France, candies from Switzerland, tea and sandwiches from Great Britain, vegimite and fairy bread from Australia and even butterbeer from the land of Wizardry and Magic.  (OK, so not all of the countries were real – Red Sox Nation & Panem were also represented)

Before the week is through we will have many more traditional WMI activities – HotRodicus tonight, Joel’s Coffee House on Wednesday, Paul & Paula Bunyan Day…  but I don’t want to spoil the surprises for the campers so I won’t go into any more details yet.

Keep checking the photo blog for more updates and check back soon for details on Theater Fest (RUMPUS!)