Family Camp

We’re all young enough to go to camp! For more than a decade we’ve invited both new and returning Windsor Mountain families to join us at the end of each summer for five days of roasting marshmallows, hiking, swimming, and counting the stars. It’s a great way to “unplug” and to spend time with the family away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

You’ll stay in our dorms, bungalows and cabins, our cooks will fill your bellies with fresh greens and tasty food, and our talented staff will keep up the energy level with games, hikes, boating expeditions and more. We offer all sorts of great activities – from canoe wars, Gatorball, and jam sessions on the deck to stained glass, pottery and zipping – there is certainly something for everyone.

Here are just some of the daily activities families can enjoy:

WATERFRONT • sailing • rope swing • canoeing • kayaking • paddle boarding • windsurfing • fishing • water trampoline • The Blob • high diving tower • water games
SPORTS • archery • soccer • tennis • basketball • softball • volleyball • flag football • cricket • ultimate frisbee • tetherball • badminton • field hockey • croquet • Gatorball • yoga
ART • stained glass • mosaics • ceramics • stenciling • drawing • painting • tie-dye • basket-making • batik • soap-making • beading • jewelry
DANCE • African • jazz • Latin • hip-hop • reggae • modern
MUSIC • guitar • ukulele • mandolin • banjo • drumming • a cappella • group singing • rock, reggae, jam, junkyard and folk bands
ROPES COURSE • zip-line • climbing wall • Dangle Duo • Pirate’s Crossing • Cat Walk • Giant Swing • Nitro Crossing • Mohawk Walk • Mountain Tops • Log Jam
FARM AND GARDEN • grow, harvest and cook a variety of garden crops • learn about and care for farm animals • tree-fort building • outdoor cooking • environmental awareness • nature walks • pickling • canning

Or you can skip the organized program and create your own adventures. That is one of the great things about Family Camp – families can participate in as much or as little organized activity as they wish. Child-care is available during the day and evening so parents can head out on a hike alone or enjoy a quiet meal. Also, we always have some “adult” time in the evenings where parents can come socialize and relax in front of the fire with a glass of wine. Family Camp is a great occasion to come make special memories with the most important people in your life and to make some new friends in the beautiful and serene woods of New Hampshire.

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