Camp Handbook

In order to help campers develop a healthy sense of independence and maturity, we encourage campers and parents, family members and friends to communicate through the old-fashioned art of letter writing. Campers are encouraged to write home at least once a week, and we strongly encourage parents and families to write to campers; they are very appreciative of letters from home. It’s a good idea to send a supply of pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelopes to camp with your child.

Parents and campers are not permitted to communicate by telephone. If it is urgent that you speak with your child, please call a director who will arrange a time for your camper to phone home. If your child is having a difficult time adjusting to camp, or if there are any other questions or concerns, we will call you to discuss them.

This summer we will be utilizing CampMinder’s online camper letter system. You will be able to log into your parent account and write emails to your camper. This is the account where you complete your camper’s forms. You can find the login button on the bottom of the home page. We will print those emails and deliver them to your camper on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Lastly, if you’d like to share the camp experience with any friends or family, please know that you can do that too! You can set up an account for them, under the heading “Guest Accounts” when you login. Once they’ve made their own account they can send emails to your camper. If you are having technical difficulties please reach out to CampMinder’s parent support team at 303-444-2267 ext. 3

Please do not bring valuables, expensive clothing, jewelry or irreplaceable keepsakes unless you are prepared to lose them. If you bring cameras, iPods, musical instruments, bikes, etc…YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for any loss or damage whether they are in use by you or on loan to a camp friend.

Cellular phones, video games, Kindles, iPods, iPhones, iTouches and other electronic devices that connect to the internet or contain video games are not welcome at camp. Campers may bring mp3 players (or other music players that do not connect to the internet) with headphones to use in their bunk during rest hour, fun hour or bedtime. We respectfully request that parents partner with us and support the technology-free feel of Windsor Mountain. Summer camp is one of the last places on earth where children can connect with nature and escape technology, and we hope you will support us in keeping Windsor Mountain technology-free.

Packages and Mail

In order to limit the number of people and items entering our camp community we ask that campers only receive one package per session. You can write as many letters or emails as you like. Please click the EMAIL tab to learn how you can email your camper. Your campers will be able to write letters home that will be mailed daily (not emailed).

If you need to reach us in the event of an emergency, please use the following telephone numbers:

(603) 478-3166 (9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
(617) 429-1369 (anytime – Jake’s cell phone number – please leave a message if no one answers and your call will be returned as soon as possible)

In the event that a camper requires medical evaluation or treatment by a health-care provider off-site, parents or guardians will be notified by telephone. In addition, the camp will contact any parent or guardian whose child stayed overnight in the health center.

Homesickness is not unusual, especially among new campers during the first week of camp. In almost all cases, homesickness is gone by the second week of camp, especially if the parents support the Windsor Mountain staff and their child. Windsor Mountain staff will do everything possible to help campers adjust to this new experience and see them through a successful and rewarding session at camp! If your child becomes unusually homesick, a camp director will contact you so we can work together to resolve the situation.

Here is a link to three homesickness articles that are helpful resources in helping campers and their parents through this adjustment period.

The Ubiquity and Normalcy of Good Ol’Fashioned Homesickness in Covid Times

Homesickness: Preparing the First Time Camper and Their Parent(s)

Tips to Prepare First-Time Campers for Summer Camp

In the rare event that parents do make the decision to take their child out of camp, Windsor Mountain does not refund the balance of the tuition.

Important – Name tag or mark everything your child brings to camp!

Each camper is provided a personal laundry bag, which is sent to a commercial laundry facility once per week.

Counselors will help campers prepare for laundry day, but campers must prepare their clothing for wash (e.g., removing remove pens, markers, and other staining items from pockets) and have final responsibility for the condition of their clothes. We suggest that you do not send new, brightly colored clothing to camp because clothes may “bleed” onto other items in the wash.

Throughout the summer, we work to return lost items to their owners. On the final day of each session, we gather campers for a “lost and found” meeting, where campers and any unclaimed items are reunited.

However, no matter how hard or how often we try, we often are left with heaps of campers’ possessions on our hands. Our policy is that generic items such as t-shirts and towels are donated to a local charity. Whenever possible, we will return to you by mail (at your expense) more valuable items with name tags. Please encourage your child to take responsibility for her/his possessions and to participate actively in identifying personal items when packing up to leave.

At Windsor Mountain, we welcome campers from all economic backgrounds. In the interest of equality and fairness, we request that you not tip Windsor Mountain staff members.

Due to Covid restrictions, we cannot welcome families on camp for any of our festival days. We look forward to when when can welcome families on camp again.

Between the July and August camp sessions, Windsor Mountain offers an intersession trip. This trip is available for all campers, regardless of which session they attend.

Dates: July 19-23;
Rate: $TBD

Space is VERY limited, so please call us if you would like your camper to participate in this trip.

Campers joining us in July who also will attend the August session are free to spend the break with family or attend the intersession trip. Campers are not permitted to stay at camp between sessions.

Camp Store/Spending Money
In addition to tuition, parents of campers are billed for Camp Store spending money in the amount of $150. The Camp Store sells items such as toiletries, t-shirts, postcards, postage, water bottles, batteries, folding chairs, blankets, disposable cameras, frisbees and seasonal camp clothing items.

Campers may purchase items from the Camp Store and funds may also be used to pay for an occasional special excursion. Any unused portion of the Camp Store monies will be refunded or donated as you selected upon enrollment. Windsor Mountain welcomes campers from a variety of backgrounds so we request that campers not bring extra spending money to camp so we maintain equity among our campers.

If your child needs a physical before coming to camp, PLEASE MAKE YOUR DOCTOR APPOINTMENT NOW! (NOTE: New Hampshire state law requires that a physical exam must have been completed within two years of the start of your program, but the doctor must sign this form within ONE year of the start of your program, noting the date of the last physical.) If your child’s annual physical is scheduled for late June or July, please have your doctor’s office fill out this form now based on the most recent physical on record, and send it in. You can always update our records by sending in any new, pertinent information as it occurs. It is very difficult to prepare for the opening of camp when we are missing vital forms.

Doctors are always busy with spring appointments, so make yours now if you haven’t already. Your child CANNOT participate in a Windsor Mountain program unless we possess the medical form filled out and signed by you and the child’s doctor. By state law, those arriving without the form must be sent home. Your cooperation is essential in getting the medical form back to us.

___ Returned Transportation Form (even if you’re driving)
___ Returned Medical Form (w/attached insurance card and immunization record)
___ Returned Parent/Camper Questionnaire
___ Returned Teacher Reference Form (new campers only)
___ Name-tagged all your belongings
___ Reviewed Packing List
___ Updated us with your vacation plan/summer contact information

Windsor Mountain provides equal opportunities for campers and staff without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, disability or veteran status, except in the case of a bona fide occupational qualification.

Transgender Policy: Windsor Mountain welcomes transgender campers. Transgender will be housed in a bunk of the gender where they feel most comfortable and that they request. Please note that Windsor Mountain does not disclose the private medical information of our campers to other campers or their family members.

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