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Windsor Mountain Small Lofo

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Windsor Mountain Small Lofo

A Day At Windsor Mountain

Below is our daily schedule at Windsor Mountain for Mondays through Saturdays. You will see that campers have four scheduled periods of activities, which they choose every three days. This provides campers with plenty of opportunity to try lots of different activities as well as to build skills in areas of concentration of their choosing. Fun Hour, which we have every day, is an unscheduled hour where campers have the opportunity to sample a variety of the camps offerings without committing to a three-day block or just enjoy some down time with friends or a good book. Evening activities range from all-camp activities like campfires, capture the flag, dances and carnival to bunk nights where campers bond with bunk-mates over scavenger hunts, s’mores, night hikes and more. On Sundays, we break from our routine and enjoy sleeping in, a delicious brunch and our all-camp activity of the week, which always is followed by Fun Hour.

Daily Schedule

7:30 – Rise and Shine!

7:45 – Breakfast

8:30 – Clean Up

9:00 – Morning Meeting

9:45 – First Activity

11:00 – Snack on the deck

11:15 – Second Activity

12:30 – Lunch

1:30 – Rest Hour

2:30 – Third Activity

3:45 – Snack on the deck

4:00 – Fourth Activity

5:00 – Fun Hour

6:15 – Dinner

7:15 – Evening Activity

8:45 – Back to Bunks

9:15 – Lights Out – younger campers

10:15 – Lights Out – older campers

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