Windsor Mountain Small Lofo

Our Free-Choice Program Allows Kids to Try New Things, Learn Skills and Have Fun

Windsor Mountain Small Lofo

Campers choose their activities through our “Directed Free-Choice” program. Every three days, campers select their activities from a menu divided into four activity periods. Our creative and caring counselors guide campers in their selections, allowing for freedom to choose activities with staff support. Our summer program builds independence, fosters personal growth and teaches life-lessons campers will carry with them long after summer ends.

Camper learning guitar within the music program at Windsor Mountain
Female camper crafting bowl on the pottery wheel within the arts program at Windsor Mountain
Daily Activities

Within the safe and supportive Windsor Mountain community, campers challenge themselves physically, emotionally, and intellectually. We have ample time to play and skill-build while enjoying music, arts, sports, theatre, ropes course, zip-line, rock-climbing, archery, farm and garden, sailing, swimming, culinary arts, wilderness adventure, environmental awareness, or community service. Swim instruction is our only required activity. We also offer specialty summer programs in sailing, visual arts, performing arts and film-making, as well as 3-day wilderness adventure trips.

But this list does not even begin to describe the unique and creative activities that our staff and campers create, such as “Questions of the Universe,” where campers examine interesting issues like whether time-travel is possible, or play a game of “Gatorball” (a sport invented at WMI), or help construct an obstacle course for our Labradoodle, Cody. Also, campers partner with counselors in activities that interest them, such as chess, fashion design or frisbee golf. The possibilities are endless!

Male summer camp counselor splashing in paint activity
Young female camper sliding through waterslide activity in New Hampshire
Evening Activities

The evening brings a variety of fun activities and more opportunities to bond with friends and bunkmates. We have all-camp evening activities, “Big Living Unit” nights that allow our three living units to gather separately for specially-designed activities, and “Small Living Unit” nights, which bring individual bunks together for fun and friendship.

Our camp activities include our weekly campfires (with music and stories), discos, variety shows, Capture the Flag, overnight camping with s’mores, “Battle of the Bands,” scavenger hunts, themed carnivals, and unique activities, such as Hotrodicus Supersonicus (don’t ask!), and lots more.

Windsor Mountain camper celebrating different nationalities in New Hampshire
Summer camp counselor teaching and practicing African drumming at camp in New Hampshire
Special Events

Nothing brings our community together like our all-camp special events. For one day in July, everyone participates in our annual “Andy Upton” road race. Some run, some walk (in costume), some hand out water, but everyone gets ice cream!  And camp is alive with music as campers and staff sing, dance and play at our Music Festival at the end of our July session.

In August, “Paul and Paula Bunyan Day” brings out the lumberjack in all of us. From an epic obstacle course to flapjack flipping to onion-eating contests, everyone grunts a lot and wears flannel. At our “Theatre Fest,” campers showcase their acting abilities under the guidance of the performing arts department. Last year’s rendition of Peter Pan was fantastic!

Other special events include a 4th of July fireworks celebration, Carnival, waterfront extravaganzas, Olympics, Give Back Day (an event where we raise money for different charities) and Super-Happy-Fun Day (which you have to experience for yourself)! The list goes on. Life at camp bumps from one event to the next.

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