International Campers

Windsor Mountain Small Lofo

Windsor Mountain Has A Rich History of Welcoming
International Campers

Windsor Mountain Small Lofo

Windsor Mountain International Summer Camp started in 1961 in affiliation with United Nations families and has a rich history of welcoming campers and staff from all over the world to our summer community.

Over the years, our families have represented more than 60 countries, including Australia, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Honduras, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Singapore, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Togo, Turkey, Rwanda, the United Kingdom and Zambia.

We understand the needs and concerns of international families and know how to make them feel at home. We have a dedicated liaison who provides international campers with the support they need. Our liaison and international campers develop close bonds, and parents enjoy having this direct connection to their campers by communicating with someone dedicated to their needs.

international camper at summer camp taking ELL course with counselor
English Language Learning at Camp

International campers seeking help with language development benefit from our English Language Learning (“ELL”) classes, which are taught with a focus on fun! ELL incorporates an activity in the learning such as vocabulary associated with rock climbing, cooking, sailing and more. These activities help campers build a strong foundation for English learning. The classes give campers a chance to ask grammar, vocabulary and syntax questions, and the ELL leader time to ensure that each camper is comfortable and making the best linguistic progress possible.

Our international students practice their English language skills all day as they share activities, meals and bunk time with their English speaking friends. Also, everyone loves celebrating different cultures each session with our International Day. This fun-filled festival showcases the ethnic foods and traditions of the home countries of our international campers and staff members.

We want every camper to feel at home away from home here, no matter where they live in the world.

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