Session 1 Draws to a Close

Camp counselor lifeguarding campers at summer camp in New Hampshire

Session 1 Draws to a Close

I’m leaving on a jet plane…

So it has arrived, the final day of first session… We have a couple of our international campers yet to leave for the airport but, we have waved off the New York City bus, each individual car and you may think it is time to sit back, relax and catch up with some Z’s, but No Way! Quick clean here and sweep sweep there and we will be continuing our outstanding momentum into second session! We cannot wait for our August campers to arrive and for second session to begin!

Let’s recap the last few days just in case your children are so tired that they can barely get a word out.

6th Rotation

The final rotation is always an exciting one. The counselors know that this is their last chance to pull out the stops for their classes and they certainly went out with a bang. The Waterfall White Mountains three-day trip proved a huge success with over 15 campers going to scope out the greatest watering holes New Hampshire had to offer. TK, Rachael and Sarah pulled off an Epic game of Arrgghhh! Emily and her class created some Jackson Pollock styled artwork in Splat Magic Splat and the music and performing arts departments perfected their performances for what proved to be a wonderful Folk Fest this afternoon.

Super Happy Fun Day

And what a SHFD it was! The day was kicked off with music blaring from the bell tower and counselors storming the units with pots and pans with freshly made donuts ready for their arrival to the dining hall. We managed to fit in; Return of the Flag, Super Time Warp which included activities such as Victorian Croquet, Great Depression Cook Off and the Pompei Pudding Drop, and we even managed to introduce our very first game of Predator vs Prey (Hunters vs Survivors!) – imagine capture the flag but with more challenges thrown into the mix!

Andy Upton

Ice Cream has never tasted so good! Patrick and the rest of the sports department prepped the ‘Super Hero’ themed fun run days in advance and we were on the sports field nice and early limbering up for the 5.5mile race that was ahead of us. Spiderman, Batman, Robin, Minty Fresh Breath man, Wonder woman and Egg man all managed to make an appearance. A booming firework signaled the start of the race and those who wanted to run the race did so in amazing athletic fashion, finishing in less than 50 minutes, but the creativity and positivity of the rest of the field was great to watch. Some campers picked up trash the whole distance, two rode unicycles and a handful even did a three-legged race, which I certainly take my hat off to! The weather was kind to us and stayed at a manageable temperature. The water stations were working hard through the day, hydrating and giving ‘power ups’ (Jelly beans!) to the participants. The finish line was an epic slip and slide with an ice cream bar, music and dunk tank just following that… a day to remember, for sure!

Please don’t be a stranger. Let us know how your journey back was, share your child’s experience with us and please feel free to visit and even starting thinking about reunion, its only a couples of months away!  Session 1 families enjoy the rest of your summer, and we are ready and excited to welcome Session 2.  Let it begin again!