Why Kids Flourish at Camp

Why Kids Flourish at Camp

This is a wonderful article original posted by Sunshine Parenting commenting on the “happy place” that is summer camp.

“Campers often describe camp as their “happy place” or “the best two weeks” of their year. And, from my own observation, I’ve seen that kids and the counselors who work with them are obviously happy at camp. They smile a lot. They look relaxed. There’s a lot of laughter. So many fun things happen at camp every day that it’s no surprise it’s such a happy place for kids.”Sunshine Parenting

Martin Selegman, a University of Pennsylvania psychologist has been leading a new breed of psychologists called Positive Psychologists studying the positive side of people. Seligman uses the acronym PERMA to define his theory and the five measurable elements he has determined lead to well-being. According to Seligman, “No one element defines well-being, but each contributes to it.”

What is PERMA?

P: Positive Emotion
Feeling happy and having positive thoughts about yourself, the people around you, or your surroundings.
Camp Example: Singing, Dancing, Skits, Jokes and Stories to make us laugh and smile

E: Engagement
 When one is interested in and connected to what they are doing.
Camp Example: New recreational and social challenges to get out of your comfort zone

R: Relationships
Other people are the best antidote to the downs of life and the single most reliable up.
Camp Example: Old friends, new friends, counselors and mentors

M: Meaning
Belonging to and serving something you believe is bigger than the self.
Camp Example: Being a member of a cabin group

A: Achievement
People flourish when pursuing goals or the mastery of a skill.
Camp Example: Try new things and master new skills

“At this time of year, when parents are busy completing camp forms and are possibly having cold feet about sending their child to camp for the first time, I’d like to remind you that camp can help your kid flourish like no school, sports team, or other activity they do.  So, enjoy watching your child flourish at camp this summer.” Sunshine Parenting