Why being a Windsor Mountain Summer Camp counselor is the best job you’ll ever have.

Why being a Windsor Mountain Summer Camp counselor is the best job you’ll ever have.

1. My job is to make people smile, laugh and cry happy tears.

2. Being able to teach a camper the perfect technique for a cannon ball while being surrounded by the rolling New Hampshire hills.

3. Goodbye shirt and tie, hello shorts and tie-dye t-shirt!

4. Marco, Helena, Eduardo and Alex (our kitchen staff) produce truly delicious food, three times a day, they love what they do and you love them back ten fold because of it!

5. You can get away with minimal sleep because adrenaline drives you through the days knowing tomorrow is going to be even better than today.

6. I think summer camp is the only place I can get away with dressing like a lumberjack on a Monday, a dragon on a Tuesday and then Tinkerbell on the Wednesday.

7. Apart from the local candy store, this is the only place I know where all occupants REALLY WANT TO BE!!!

8. Cell phone? How does it work again? I haven’t held that thing in weeks…

9. Hmm… maybe I won’t shower today. But, that’s okay!! As long as I brush my teeth though (Moms have eyes everywhere…).

10. (June 24th 2015) Father says to Tom, “Excuse me, can you be solely responsible for my child for the next three weeks? Great! Ok, bye”… Tom thinks “Wow, Go time, I’m going to have an EPIC month with this little dude!”

11.  I’m going to eat at least 4 s’mores around the campfire right now, but who cares, I’m probably going to cover 15 miles tomorrow around camp!

12.  I don’t second-guess diving in to help plunge a toilet.

13.  The population of our town triples during the summer because of camp. Ahh.. I love small town New England.

14.  I have successfully been a temporary parent to 10 twelve-year-old boys. I feel like a can take on the world!!

15.  ‘Filling buckets’ is now my greatest characteristic. How do I interpret that on a resume?!!