Happy Day Three of Camp!

Happy Day Three of Camp!

If you follow Windsor Mountain on Instagram (windsormountain), you’ll have seen the glorious sky we were blessed with the night before the campers arrived. There is a saying, “Red sky at night, Shepherds delight”, opening day certainly proved that just right.

I’m sure this is said every year, but July Session 2015 was by far the smoothest and most enjoyable opening day to date. The New York City bus arrived 45 minutes early, airport pick-ups went without a hitch and the spirit on the deck was high and laughter filled all day long. The lake for our annual opening day staff swim was refreshingly warm, and the sun was beating down on us as we posed on the dock for our staff photo.

We had a fantastic camp fire on Wednesday evening with some old favorites like ‘Rattlin’ Bog’ and Isaacs ‘Wild Horses’ making appearances and Grego blew the crowd away with an ad-lib story about how the kitchen crew found their way to Windsor Mountain!

The unpredictable New England weather opened the heavens for us last night and cooled camp down after a warm few days, so we decided to have morning meeting in the dance pavilion today, just to be on the safe side (but, classic New Hampshire, we now have perfect blue skies!). TK and the waterfront department lead camp in an epic opera themed meeting about the safety and rules of the waterfront. We are blessed with some truly talented singers here at Windsor Mountain, but it was great to see everyone getting into the spirit of things and even making their morning announcements or shooting starts in their best opera singing voice!

Classes are fully underway and camp is a buzz with some weird and whacky classes. As I write to you, Taya and his ‘Situational Singing’ class are currently serenading me outside the office window about how fast I am typing at my stand up desk! It’s not everyday that you can boast about being serenaded while at work!

As we are a proud no technology camp, I can share a secret with you all safely knowing that my secret is safe with you…. we are playing capture the flag for evening activity tonight! Shhh…don’t tell anyone!

Anyway, must dash, the bell has sounded which means I have the opportunity for a quick game of four square with the campers during snack!