Camp in Early June…

Red cabin with tire swing in the woods of New Hampshire

Camp in Early June…

Picture yourself at camp today. You’re standing at the front doors of the dining hall, looking across the deck towards the pottery studio. You’ll see sprinklers watering the grass of the deck meadow, willing it to last the summer. You’ll see a few familiar faces organizing the office, sweeping, cleaning. And you can see the purple lilacs, beautiful and in full bloom.

Camp today is a much different place than it is during the summer. Here now there is a group of less than twenty, compared to the three-hundred or so people we’ll have at any given time throughout the summer. There are no classes, and no bell. Just a few staff, new and returning, working hard to make camp beautiful and to prepare a little bit of magic.

It still feels like camp, though. In the evenings our small group gathers in the HMO. There are community dinners, everyone cooking and eating together. We have our own form of KP, taking turns washing dishes and keeping our home clean. There’s even a few evening activities; you’ll be interested to know that Grego was the winner of the first Windsor Mountain Bowling Tournament of 2016 (he even has the trophy to prove it).

As much fun as this time is now, it’s nothing compared to the fun we can have during the summer. When this place is filled with life and energy, it becomes my favorite place in the world. Everything we do now is for that moment, on June 28th, when the first camper steps out of their car and into camp.

We can’t wait to share all this with you.