Welcome to Windsor Mountain’s 58th Summer!

Welcome to Windsor Mountain’s 58th Summer!

There are few places in the world where you can pet baby goats, have a mock sword fight in the trees, and create a beautiful piece of pottery all in the same day. Windsor Mountain is one of those places! Campers have started their first rotation of activities, and while I walked around today I watched campers doing all of these things and much more!

There was delicious coffee cake at breakfast this morning, and afterwards campers went back to their bunks to clean themselves and their living unit. Every day the bunks are inspected by a mystery judge (Eleni, from the office) and the two cleanest bunks receive The Golden Sweep and The Silver Plunger. Competition for that honor is fierce! Today Bungalow J and Goldrush were victorious, and as a reward they got to cut the line for lunch and dinner.

For the first few days we have a period of Bunk Time in the afternoon, where each bunk spends time bonding and playing together. This afternoon I joined Dorm C and we went on a short canoe trip, exploring one of the small islands in the center of the lake. The wild blueberries that grow on those islands are almost ripe, and we saw a fish come up and eat one of the blueberries floating on the surface of the water!

After starting strong with Capture the Flag and Counselor Challenge for the first two evening activities, tonight we are having our first true campfire of the summer! Campers and staff are preparing songs, stories, and jokes to share around our fire in the Cabin Meadow. It’s one of my favorite nights every week, listening to the talented musicians and storytellers stepping outside their comfort zone to share something with the whole camp. And the stars are incredible too!

In just a few minutes I’m going to run over to Daisie’s baking class to see if they need any help taste-testing their cupcakes (selfless, I know). One of the many perks of working at Windsor Mountain!  Stay on the lookout for a new video of Arrival Day and the start of Rotation 1.