Ready, Set … and We’re Off!

Ready, Set … and We’re Off!

Finally, we are up and running here in the glorious woody, woods of southwest New Hampshire.

Life is good at Windsor Mountain! The sun is shining but rest assured we are keeping the kids nice and cool.

Camp is in full swing and Campers have been busy learning skills and playing with everything camp has to offer. From making homemade pasta in the brand-spanking-new culinary arts building to learning to sail down at the lake, camp has been abuzz with activity, and there is just so much to do.

Samm and I (Kerry) were just in the dining hall, and we were smiling as the sounds of camp were coming together in the dining hall. There were campers playing violin on the porch, steel drums out in the vibe hut and bass guitar up in the music room. While this is just a glimpse from our music department, it made us smile to hear all the different sounds of Windsor Mountain. Often, from the office (where we try not to be!), we can hear the campers frolicking down at the waterfront – screaming (with joy, that is) and splashing around as they get to enjoy the beautiful water on a warm day.

Evenings have been full of all sorts of fun. We’ve had campfires, capture the flag, Oregon Trail, Counselor Challenge, Small Living Unit night and more! And I saw several bunks out on the sports field last night enjoying the amazing stars at night. Sometimes it is the small moments of lying in the grass with your bunkmates and starring up at the starry sky at night that are simply the best camp moments.

Here is a glimpse of our first rotation of activities at camp! More to come!