More Information on Mini-Session 1B and 2B

Windsor Mountain’s schedule is based on two 26-day sessions – Session 1 and Session 2. Within each of these two sessions, there are two 13-day mini-sessions. For Mini-Session 1 (June 28 – July 10) and 2 (July 26 – August 7), campers arrive at camp at the start of Session 1 or 2 and leave halfway through. For Mini-Session 1B and 2B, campers arrive at camp halfway through Session 1 or 2 and leave when those sessions end. We did not offer Mini-Sessions 1B and 2B in 2020 or 2021 because our Covid protocols did not allow for campers to join halfway through a session so as to maintain the integrity of our Covid-free “bubble.”

For summer 2022, we have not yet made a final decision about whether we will be offering Mini-Sessions 1B or 2B. It will depend upon how things progress with Covid generally. If cases continue to decline precipitously through spring, no new variants of concern arise before summer, and we feel that we can welcome new campers halfway through a session without compromising safety or the integrity of our program and protocols, these sessions will operate. Importantly, if we do run these sessions, we likely will open them only to campers finishing grades 3-6 so that they can join a bunk of campers all joining at the same time. We plan to make a decision by the first week of April when the likely summer trajectory of the virus becomes a bit more clear. Regardless, we are accepting waitlist applications for these sessions that do not require a deposit or commitment of any kind. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.