Capture the Flag (and other acts of Windsor Mountain glory)!

Capture the Flag (and other acts of Windsor Mountain glory)!

Today was great. It was the first day of “regular” camp activities, and we had perfect weather to match. Camp most definitely has begun, and the energy is great! Our day started with French Toast and ended with some delicious homemade pizza. Marco and the kitchen staff have been doing such a great job.

Tonight’s evening activity is the much loved “Capture the Flag!” At the moment, I am watching several campers outside my window hiding in bushes, plotting and strategizing on the best way to procure a small piece of heavily-guarded fabric located in the Cabin Meadow and the Sports Field. It is quite entertaining to watch. I would like to be playing myself, but I thought that would give an unfair advantage to one team. So in the best interest of the campers, I am sitting this one out. 🙂

Here is a link to some photos of the first couple of days of camp.


We hope you enjoy the first glimpses of Summer 2012! Don’t worry if you do not see your camper – we will be posting many more pictures throughout the session.

Good night everyone.