Farewell to the Summer of 2012…

Farewell to the Summer of 2012…

The sun is gently shining on the trees just outside the office window. Through the branches and leaves there is a glimpse of the lake where just a few days ago campers swung from the rope swing and paddled through the marsh in search of the legendary Bollywogger.

Today, although the lake is still seeing it’s fair share of family camp activity, it’s much quieter. The leaves are already beginning to turn orange and red, and a cool fall breeze is teasing the late summer air. Sitting here in view of the Pine Grove it’s hard not to reflect on the last few months and think about the campers and staff members who have come and gone, the new friendships and those that were rekindled from summers past.

How lucky we have been to spend this summer together at Windsor Mountain. Where else on earth can you make soap and a ceramic mug in the morning and play soccer, canoe wars and the drums in the afternoon? It’s always a great debate – What’s the best part of camp? Is it the creative activities? Or is it the moments in between where we spend time with friends walking the tree-lined paths, stopping to peek in on the bunnies and alpacas or to watch an intense tether-ball match? What is it about this place that makes a summer so special? Well… maybe it’s a lot of things, and a lot of people. Maybe it’s all of us together making the best of each moment, stepping out of our comfort zones and growing together. No matter how, the outcome was magical.

We are already planning for WMI 2013 and the Columbus Day October Reunion Weekend (details to follow soon) – we hope you can join us.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check the tumblr blog to see a huge collection of photos from WMI 2012 including photos from Theater Fest (RUMPUS!). In the truest Windsor Mountain fashion, we celebrated the culmination of our summer together at the theater fest. The “Where the Wild Things Are” cast wanted to send a special “THANK YOU!” to all of the friends and family in attendance to show their support for the performers and artists.

Keep checking the blog for more announcements about the October Reunion Weekend and, until next summer, keep dreaming of the place where the purple lilacs grow.

With love,