No, Thank You…

No, Thank You…

I have been overwhelmed at the kind and heartfelt emails that I have been receiving over the last two weeks about summer 2012.  I am so proud to be a part of Windsor Mountain.  Thanks for all of your support, and we are looking forward to a great 2013.  Here are a few snapshots from those emails (with names removed):

“Well, we’ve given [another camp] a try…and you’ll be happy to know that Windsor Mountain remains [my son’s] favorite camp … Bottom line, you guys have a very open and accepting environment that few, I suspect, can match.”

“I would like to thank both you and Kerry for the wonderful experience [my daughter] had this summer at camp. I am not exaggerating to say that she returned a different child or rather young adult. She has a new confidence and sense of self that is just delightful to be a part of.”

“It has been way too long since I have written to tell you what an incredible 2 weeks [my kids] spent at Windsor Mountain last summer. We can’t wait to sign up for next summer. The kids are gunning for 7 weeks, but I think we’ll want some time with them too — so might have to just be 1 session. You are running a very special place that clearly hues to the spirit of the original Interlocken.”

“Happy back to school! Wanted to thank you, once again, for the part you played in [my daughter’s] wonderful experience at camp this summer. Seems like it was ages ago already, but that sense of independence she honed over the summer is lasting and palpable as she slogs around school carrying a huge backpack and navigating fearlessly through a new building, homeroom, lockers and the like.”

“[Our kids] are in their second week of school already, but they’re still talking about what they did at camp. The more I hear, the happier I am that we sent them to Windsor Mountain.”

“Thank you so much for [our daughter’s] wonderful camp experience. We have been regaled with stories, songs, and guitar playing since we picked her up. She had a great time making friends and learning new things – many of them about herself. … Thank you for making life magic for so many young people. While her tattoo “I belong just here” will fade, I know that there is a safe and wonderful place that welcomes her talents and sparkling personality.”

“[My kids] were truly inspired by their time at Windsor. Camp stories monopolize their conversations, and all memories are punctuated with ——- is so funny/great/awesome.” You have some very special counselors there. On pick up day [our daughter] looked so comfortable it seemed she had been there all of her life. At home she is more confident, is taking herself less seriously (in a good way), and is even more patient with her younger sisters (and she was already an extremely giving big sister.) She has grown so much and clearly felt secure under your and Kerry’s watch. I saw a text message that [my son] sent to a friend when he got home which said camp is his “favorite place in the world.” He has since described his deep feeling of belonging there, to me. Your camp feels more like home to him than the school he has loved for the last 8 years. Many camps have come to our attention in recent years and the ones which look interesting to us are more or less the same in terms of size, beautiful location, arts and other activities offered, and traditional camp life. As I looked around [on the final day] I reflected on what makes Windsor so special: Windsor is about the people. My kids are fortunate enough to go to an excellent school, and have amazing extracurricular opportunities around the city. Despite my best efforts, their lives are more pressure filled than I would like them to be. At Windsor however, there is no such stress. The kids can be kids, and still develop new skills, and most importantly, develop pure relationships based on mutual respect. And I can’t say I’ve seen a Random Acts of Kindness class anywhere else. That’s good stuff.”

“It is high time I should have written this letter. Now that the early fall fuss is over, let me say what I’ve been meaning to say to you for several weeks already. My son got back home very happy again. It was his fourth summer at WMI; and what amazes me is that the moment you hug him in the airport after the long absence he says “I’m gonna be back to the camp next summer by all means” and goes on with millions of exciting details and plans for next year:). I don’t know what you guys do there with our kids but I am very grateful to you personally, all the counsellors and your magical staff for making our kids… glow!”

“I wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that the kids had a truly fabulous time at camp. I wanted to thank you for making the experience so great for them. The camp philosophy is a perfect fit for our values. The kids are now playing Guitar and Ukulele and have a new attitude towards their music courses. We will be signing them up for next year pretty soon.”

“Thank you for another great summer! [Our daughter] said it was her best summer yet!”

“[Our kids had] another great summer, highlighted by Camp Windsor! The kids both had a great time and are excited for next year’s adventures.”

“I think this was [my daughter’s] best season yet! Thanks again so much for making Windsor Mountain such a special place.”

“I just want to take this the opportunity to THANK YOU and all your team at Windsor Camp for the great job you all do to offer a high quality summer camp. [Our daughter] came back very very happy, it was a great enriching experience for her. [Your camp] is well organized, very well structured, encourages creativity, trying new things, collaboration and offers a huge variety of activities and also is flexible enough to welcome new activities than even campers can teach.. And also, [our daughter] made a lot of new friends!”

[My child] had the most incredibly fabulous time at camp. I think it was a life changing experience for her.”

“[My son] had a great time, this year even more so than before. He made a lot of new friends and enjoyed his summer tremendously.”

“Everyone at camp is very friendly and helpful. It really was the best summer I have ever had. I miss camp so much.”

“[My son] had an amazing time (just yesterday, calling it the best 3 weeks of his life) … Jake, you may remember one of my wishes for him is that he would overcome his fear of bugs … well, on the way home he tells us a story of carrying your daughter on his lap during a meeting early on, and being startled by an insect or worm. Resisting the instinct to push her off and run, instead, he watched her pick it up, play with it and then let her put it in his hand. I could only smile at the irony of with who and how he came to be comfortable with insects. That he learned to ride a bike was over the top satisfying to know (drewby?!) as it seemed that was going to slip again this summer. Anyways, just confirmation of ordinary extraordinariness that happens at places like WMI.”

“I wanted to let you know what a wonderful time [my son] had at camp this summer. He is still glowing from his 3 1/2 weeks with you. He has calculated how many summers he can be a camper, before being an LIT and then plans to return as a counselor:) Thank you so much for helping him to have such a wonderful, powerful, positive experience. I know that it will spill over into all aspects of his life during the school year as well.”

“I want to tell you that [my daughter] has not stopped talking, telling and remembering all the moments spent with you. She felt free and accepted by everyone campers and staff. She says that all the people are warm and she really misses the moments spent at camp. I want to tell you that I will highly recommend your camp. I’m sure we made a good choice with you. Congratulations.”

“It was so nice meeting you yesterday and am so happy that [my kids] had such an amazing time at camp. They are eager to go again next year! I enjoyed meeting the counselors and hearing about the girls adventures and experiences at camp.”

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the wonderful time [my daughter] had at Windsor Mountain. She came back very happy, healthy and already planning her next trip to Windsor Mountain! She enjoyed it a lot, she has learned a lot of new things and her English progressed to a completely new level! Thank you very much for all your efforts and we are looking forward to the next season with you!”