Blog-Fest (Watts-Style)

Blog-Fest (Watts-Style)

Windsor Mountain Blog? Is that even still a thing? It’s okay, we had the same thought, and then we had a horrible panic moment where we realized we hadn’t put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard if you will) for a long time. Jake blamed something, Kerry blamed something else and then the blame got passed to me, Megan, so I’m taking matters into my own hands and making this blog entry my own. Please do accept our apologies for denying you all your Windsor Mountain fix, maybe we need the Bell to ring to remind us in future!

Let’s get started on what we have so unfairly kept you in the dark about; Drum roll please commence…

Work Weekend 2013

Three words, W. O. W. People often wonder exactly what is in the Windsor air which makes being at camp so special, and last weekend proved it’s not necessarily the place, but the people who come together in that particular place, embrace the magic and transform it into something quite spectacular. Just over 40 of our dearest camp friends, some extremely special staff members and a few Canine beings, took a few days out from busy schedules, to haul, rake, and generally get camp back to its sparkling self. Everyone did such a great job, so much so that the Maintenance department this year now consists of 30 staff members.

Seriously though, we were so overwhelmed by the community spirit of everyone. We spent two evenings catching up, sharing tales, relaxing in the sun and of course feasting upon some delicious meals by everyone’s favorite Spanish cook Marco, even though his position is now threatened by John (Kerry’s dad who unveiled himself as a kitchen dark horse – watch your back Marco!). Even myself, who avoids manual labor like the plague, got into the spirit of things, and by lunchtime Sunday the whole gang could all be found hauling and stacking logs as if there was no tomorrow. Campfire’s this season are more than stocked!

Ahh campfires, just take a moment to imagine your relaxing on the cabin meadow, listening to your favorite camp song, surrounded by old friends, new to be discovered friends and the stars as clear as always straight above. Great thoughts hey!

In the meantime, here are a few photos from the weekend!

I'm thirsty!

Absurd. Karen's new puppy. Cody's cute too, okay!

Cindy and Kelsey think it's so funny to crush something in their hands. Not cool.

Nice new fence rails thanks to Phil and Rachel Drinker!

"This wood is quite heavy, but I am going to pretend it's not and smile..."

The annual "Dock Lift."

"People think I'm cute. They are correct. Tyler is pretty cute too though."

Crushing the Film Program

Um. Emmy-winning and absurdly talented comedian Paul Wagner is spending this summer at Windsor Mountain Summer Camp!

For those of you who don’t know Paul, he was the host, writer and co-producer for a children’s television show that aired in the 1990s and has been a stand-up comedian for years. Paul also was one of four international comedians (chosen from thousands world-wide) in the world’s first reality program that followed comedians from their home countries to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The series followed Paul for 8 weeks and was aired in the UK and Europe. Paul’s stage show won 5-star reviews at the festival. Paul has taught at the NY Film Academy and lectured at Boston University and other institutions on creativity, improvisation, interactive media and the future of entertainment. Over the years, Paul has directed, produced, written and performed with hundreds of creators and artists around the world.

This summer, Paul will bring with him his creativity and playfulness and is looking for a group of campers to help him create the Windsor Weekly Comedy News Hour, among other fun and unique shorts. In addition, he’ll be teaching comedy writing, video, production and videography. You’ll have a blast, learn all about television production and comedy – and you’ll make some cool stuff!

Also if you have your own HD video camera that works well with Macs, that’s a plus and we’d love to hear from you! If you have Final Cut Pro on your mac, that’s awesome too! Lights, Camera Action! Thanks! Let us know if you would like to be part of Paul’s troupe!

Windsor Mountain Spotted?

Internationals left right and center, best friends touching all four corners of the world? Yes is that my favorite part of Windsor Mountain as well. Where else possibly, could you find such a mix of countries, languages, cultures, hobbies and interests?And so a lightbulb moment was born.

You can’t move an inch at camp without hearing a different accent, or a story about a part of the world, or even someone’s favorite place that they have travelled to, so how’s about taking Windsor Mountain with you, okay not literally – but a part of WMI.

Next time you head to somewhere that’s special to you, or happens to be a far flung country, even some place that’s truly unique, take your Camp apparel and get yourself ‘Snapped’ flying the the WMI flag, send it to myself, Jake or Kerry and not only is it guaranteed to brighten up our day and be super impressed, but we are going to start up a WMI Invades the globe section on facebook, full of your best and extreme pictures.

Our Challenge to you – we want to see how much creativity you really take home with you, send a note along with your picture telling us where you are and what your doing!

Winks and Phil in downtown Hillsborough

Ali Hodges

This year’s staff is amazing, even if I say so myself –we have a one huge treat for all you campers this year. Staff hiring is always a fun time, we aim for quite literally the best people in their field of expertise, and with an office that goes by the name of Windsor Mountain, who wouldn’t jump through hoops to be hired!

Spotlight time… my victim this time is Ali Hodges our new and quite frankly fabulous Co-Head of Music (with Fitz, of course).

Many would argue that Music literally does make the world go round, and being extremely un-musical myself, I hold in the highest admiration our wonderful individuals who choose to provide us non-music folk with some medicine for the soul. Here are a few words about Ali – I’ll try and do her justice.

Ali is a music educator and outdoor enthusiast from Detroit, Michigan who is thrilled to be spending her summer with us up in New Hampshire! Ali graduated from the University of Michigan in 2011with a bachelors in music education. Mainly a singer, Ali’s talents expand further – she plays and teaches violin, piano, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, banjo and anything else she can get her curious hands on. Outside of music, there’s no shortage of place or scenario she could be counting – yoga, travel, backpacking, rock climbing, all things literary, theater, dance, and anything that takes places in the sun and/or grass.

Ali currently teaches k-12 music in the metro Detroit area. Her teaching philosophy is to enrich the bodies, minds and spirits of every type of learner through music, and to use music as an integral means to preserve our heritages, history, and traditions, foster a sense of community, and act as an easy, structured way to work joy, silliness, spontaneity, beauty, relaxation, pure focus, release of emotion, and expressiveness into everyday life. No doubt Ali fits right into the Windsor Mountain Bubble and will be collaborating with you all on musical and other endeavors in no time.

I fell onto this piano, and I am having trouble getting up.

Chicken Update

Okay time for the chicken update. They are quite possibly the worlds happiest chickens right now. As they made their transition back up to camp and are back roaming, and breathing in the Windsor Air. I know how many of you are jealous of our little furry friends right now, but to add salt to the wound, our daily egg count is 7,and in no threat of declining. They must be super happy to finally be back home.

These are chickens. Yes.

Camp Around the Corner

It’s the third day of May, and this weather is just getting us more excited for the season to begin. Plans are coming together, emails are flying in with well-wishes, thoughts are being churned into actions and we’re working around the clock to make sure that in 6 weeks, Windsor Mountain will feel as though you never left. Speaking of ideas, if anyone has anything they would love to see happen this year, or has a light bulb moment of their own, TELL US!! We love hearing from everyone, and who knows – your random in the middle of the night thought could be the next 100 year tradition!!

With this, I will take my rambling words away, and leave you with a whole lot of love from us all at Windsor.