“UBUNTO – I am because we are”

“UBUNTO – I am because we are”

The Megan Chronicles (Cont.)
The early bird catches the worm. Isn’t that how the old saying goes? Personally, I love that phrase for the main reason that I am such a morning person. Many of you quite possibly don’t know this, but early morning breakfast time is my favorite time of the day (no it’s not because I love chocolate chip pancakes, before you ask). It’s the one time where I feel everyone is relaxed and looking forward to a brand new day, pleasant conversations over coffee, juice and, okay, chocolate chip pancakes. And for me, it’s the time I catch up on my “go-to” Bloggers daily articles.

You might be asking yourself – where is this going, Megan?

Right, question answered – Amy Rees Anderson is a very successful business woman, a mother, wife and a fantastic writer, who has a wonderful skill of stringing together words in such a fashion that she instantly enriches the mind with her daily themes on just about everything. On May 6, 2013, Amy struck Windsor Mountain Gold!

Please take a few moments to read this article (link below), and see if you can understand why I wanted to share it with you all. For me, it sums up a huge part of what we strive to achieve at Windsor Mountain. Hopefully you will enjoy it. Check out Amy’s work – she really does have a way with words. Who knows, you might even become a morning person too.

Here is the site for the article –


I am having trouble linking it, so for now, you can cut and paste into your browser.

Last thing – if you ever find yourself in a position like I did and you come across something that just reminds you of camp, or personally meant something to you, please don’t keep it to yourself. Tell us! We would love to hear. Email me anytime with them: [email protected]