Does it get any better than this?

Does it get any better than this?

What a day!  Sunday was as close to a perfect camp day as you can get.  Beautiful weather, a powerful Sunday Morning Meeting, International Day Festival and HOTRODICUS SUPERSONICUS all in the same day!

Sunday is always a special day at camp as we start the day off a little slower with a late wake up and super clean up and a reflective Sunday Morning Meeting.  Yesterday, everyone hiked to the Red Pine Forest on a glorious summer day for the Sunday Morning Meeting.  We sat nestled in the majestic red pines swaying above and purposefully listened to the stillness and silence before reflecting on the topic of the day – HOME.  What makes a place a home?  What does it mean to feel at home?  A sense of belonging?  Of feeling accepted?  Does Windsor Mountain feel like a home?  Providing campers (and counselors for that matter) the opportunity to reflect and share their thoughts and feelings is one of my favorite moments at camp.  They have so much to share with us.  Many shared how special Windsor Mountain has become to them – whether it being their first summer or their seventh summer – and how “at home” they feel at camp where they know they can be themselves without fear of judgment.  It all felt like the true spirit of camp and what we try to create every summer.  It was magical.

From there, we went to brunch and then had an epic International Day, where campers and staff from 22 countries around the world shared some of their traditions, knowledge and food from their home countries.  It was excellent to see so many corners of the world represented at camp (and quite tasty too – though I still can’t wrap my head around vegemite, sorry Australia).

And then, of course, our annual tradition of HOTRODICUS SUPERSONICUS.  Suffice it to say, there was fire spitting involved…

Now, we are taking everyone to the beach for the day on the coast of New Hampshire.  Should be another great day.  Thanks for sharing your kids with us for a little while this summer.  Oh, and here is Kim’s latest video.  Enjoy!