The Megan Chronicles (cont.)

The Megan Chronicles (cont.)

I (Megan here) decided that today would be a great day to put “pen to paper,” (really fingertips to keys), thoughts into words to let you all into the bubble for a few minutes.

Sunshine all around, it really is true what they say – the sun brings out the best in everything. We are lucky that at Windsor Mountain we have very few of those so called ‘’dull moments’’ but even so, with the recent beautiful weather it would be a hard stretch to think of a better place to be right now.

Second session is in full swing, rotation 4 is wrapping up and onwards we head into rotation 5. There are three whole new days of brand new classes, new skills to be discovered, new friends to be made, with the same dash and sprinkle of laughter, fun and learning that we have come to demand from each day.

Picture the scene – you’re a camper who has spent several years of their life at camp, dreaming up ideas of classes that you would just LOVE to teach. Now you are 15 and in the Leader-in-Training program and collaborating with a counselor of your choice. The end result is your perfect class, which you then bring to the rest of camp, welcome to Rotation 5. A whacky yet wonderful mix of LIT ignited classes’ – everything from extreme baking to Magical Mystery Tours, Harry Potter appreciation society’s to Hip Hop Basketball, you name it and I am confident in saying it was most likely found on this rotation’s menu.

Capture the Flag. Each year it demands and very much deserves to be its own spectacular show. This year did not disappoint. From Zip-lining to fire-blowing, the opening skits paved the way for what one could argue was quite possibly the most enthralling Capture the Flag we have had the pleasure of spectating. A game which requires skill, team effort and a sense of adventure – it captivates us all.

We decided to shake things up a little yesterday – quite literally. It was counselor SWITCH day, where staff switched with each other, down to the very last accent detail. Breakfast was entertaining for everyone, especially as the kids are now starting to realize exactly who is who by just the clothing they wear.. .talk about feeling at home!
We are slowly entering our last 10 days of the 2013 Summer season. It is sad to think of camp ending but also this is a great time. The next week or so is bursting with surprise days, traditional full camp days, LIT graduations, academy awards, final campfires, Paul and Paula Bunyan day and all the added quirky last minute events we throw in to make the season finish off in spectacular style. Just wait for the photographs, the stories and also the lasting impressions this final week will make on everyone. I do not want to give too much away…

Camp does not quite end once the campers leave on August 17. Starting on August 20th we have our annual family camp – a magical and exciting five-day program of traditional Windsor Mountain mixed up with the added effect of whole families being with us ready to be entertained, enriched and amazed together.

I really must dash, rest hour is coming to a close. Watercolor by the waterfront (who could guess I was so creative, right) has my name all over it and tonight’s evening activity needs some last minute perfections.

And here is Kim’s latest video from week three. –

Goodbye for now… I hope you enjoyed your slice of the bubble!

As always, warm wishes