Moles & Goblins

Moles & Goblins

Tom J. here – What a wonderful start!

Never have I witnessed such a smooth, cohesive and all-round enjoyable opening day then I did on Tuesday. Whether it was the tropical colored staff shirts bringing joy into everyone’s lives or the small changes to our landscape in camp, who knows, but the amount of laughing, new activities being played and general merriment on the deck was infectious throughout.

Over the last couple of days, our Morning Meetings have covered ‘Toilets in the Country’ and the ‘Windsor Mountain Bubble’ and spirit. Despite the monsoon on Wednesday afternoon/evening, our annual first evening activity of Counselor Trivia went extremely well with campers learning all kinds of interesting and wonderful facts about our counselors. Thursday brought Big Living Unit time, which allowed the Dorms, Cabins, and Tent Unit to separate off and enjoy a night of each other’s company. The Tent Unit and Dorms each held a ‘Counselor Pageant’ where each bunk had the opportunity to dress and coach their counselor in a Windsor Mountain style competition and the Cabins held their own Dutch Auction. For those of you that don’t know what a Dutch Auction is, it is an activity where Bunks compete in whacky challenges for ridiculous points. The challenges included; Coming up with a team name and song, who can recite the alphabet the fastest and who could exhale the longest – only at camp, hey?!

Today is going to be a good day. If you can keep a secret, it is our first game of Capture the Flag this evening! CTF Day is always a day that buzzes with excitement and the morning meeting hype up lived to expectation – our ‘Goblins vs Moles’ theme oozes with Windsor Mountain wonderful lunacy (stay tuned for photos!) and is destined to be a good day!

On my walk over to our incredibly quiet Infirmary this morning (knock on wood), the sports field was home to at least 5 different classes including Volleyball, Beginning Guitar, Comedy News and Australian Open Tennis. Each one brought something creative and individual to the table. Biased as I am, but not many places can put a HUGE smile on such a broad spectrum to faces.

More to come  …  Happy Friday!