Backwards Day (and more…)!

Backwards Day (and more…)!

It is unbelievable to think that first session is almost coming to a close. Time seems to go by so quickly while you’re at camp. You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun!

On Monday morning, a familiar sound was heard during wake up… the glorious sound of the Beach Boys bellowing over camp. That could only mean one thing, BEACH DAY!! A slightly hazy morning greeted the advance crew as they pulled out of camp at 7am to set up our usual spot at Hampton Beach State Park with tents, volleyball and a food and water station, while counselors prepared our campers for the fun day ahead. The buses rolled out of camp just before 9am after a hearty breakfast and they made their way across the state.

As though the weather was preparing for Windsor Mountains arrival, the last remaining clouds disappeared and the sun truly had its hat on for a day where the Atlantic was a pleasant 64 degrees and out of the water stayed in the mid 80s to ensure that, after swimming, we could enjoy some beach soccer, volleyball, cricket and our annual deep hole dig and sandcastle building! After spending a good chunk of the day frolicking on the beach, we loaded the buses and headed back to camp. The threat of thunderstorms subsided and allowed us to shower, clean up and enjoy a relaxing dinner followed by ‘Joel’s Coffee House’, a low key, coffee-shop themed night, where counselors and campers alike share stories, magic tricks, songs and other hidden talents with the community.

Tuesday was another amazingly fun day, but has every mind twisted in all directions, as it was reverse day! Instead of a morning bowl of cereal, we had a nice pasta dinner for breakfast (dinner?!). The entire day has flipped on its head to do everything in reverse. Dinner followed by evening activity, fun hour, 4th period and so on… we were in the middle of first period and it was 5.50pm! Confused yet?! Me too, but it’s great! It’s camp!!

The snowball of fun that is Windsor Mountain Summer Camp is constantly building momentum of fun, excitement and the remaining few days of camp are going to bring something special and Session 1 2015 isn’t going to be any different! Get ready for the Andy Upton road race, Super Happy Fun Day and of course, Folk Fest!! I can’t wait to fill you in with all that has happened in a few days time!