Welcome to Session 2!

Welcome to Session 2!

Welcome To Session Two

We are now 30 hours into camp, but it feels like we have been together for weeks!

Looking at the weather leading up to opening day for second session, we were slightly worried that the chance of rain would creep up on us, but thankfully, Mr Sun certainly had his hat on! Campers gradually arrived over the course of the day and, now that we perfecting this day for a second time this summer, it went without a hitch! It is always great to see familiar faces, but we especially love to be able to put faces to names that we have heard so much about and thoroughly look forward to meeting in our new campers and their families!

From the moment everyone was here, the community has seemed to gel beautifully. Our first dinner last night (spaghetti with homemade garlic bread with lots of veggies and salad!) was great to witness. As I stood on the deck and took a look around, everyone was fully engrossed in their meals, but also getting to know their new bunkmates and counselors.

We then headed over to the cabin meadow where we had our first camp-fire of session two. Our talented staff kept the crowd entertained with some camp favorites on the guitar, ukulele and mandolin. Stories were told and jokes laughed at.

Day two meant Rotation Day. This is a day to allow our waterfront team to see the swimming abilities of our campers (in a fun and totally enjoyable way, as this sounds terribly daunting!) and for the three living units to explore camp with their counselors to see all of the different that camp has to offer. The wilderness tripping department was climbing trees and teaching people how to light fires, the green team was educating everyone about the animals we have here at camp, the music department was on the deck jamming out with all of their instruments and the art department was making friendship bracelets and lastly, the sports department cracked out the Windsor Mountain game of gatorball (a mixture of basketball, soccer and volleyball) which was a great hit!

We have just completed program planning, where each counselor has the opportunity to sell the classes they will be teaching for the upcoming rotation (one of the only times competition shows its face at Windsor Mountain as all the counselors are desperate for all of the campers in their classes!). Goofy skits and demonstrations give the campers a sense as to what to choose from the extensive class sheet they are given to select their classes.

Anyway, onto more pressing matters, TACO NIGHT and then CAPTURE THE FLAG!! Keep your eye out for some more posts over the next few days…