Closing Time for 2018 – Columbus Day Reunion!

Closing Time for 2018 – Columbus Day Reunion!

Reunion 2018 was a perfect goodbye to a great summer, and the community at camp this weekend was a joy to be a part of.

Reunion weekend is the last of event of every camp season, full of final moments- the last morning meeting, the last swim in the lake, the last campfire– and it was the perfect goodbye to a great summer. Wearing shorts and t-shirts we greeted old friends and enjoyed festive fall activities. Campers carved pumpkins on the deck, and the pumpkin seeds were roasted for an afternoon snack. Leaf raking was popular, and groups went all over camp making piles to jump into.

Saturday evening we had our final campfire of 2018. It was nice to hear the camp classics one more time, and to see so many campers performing. The next morning there was an optional polar plunge, and about twenty brave souls joined us at the waterfront for a swim. Everyone ran into the lake on the count of three, and while the water wasn’t frigid, it certainly wasn’t warm.

Sunday morning many campers and staff went apple picking at a local orchard. They brought home bags and bags of apples, and that afternoon was spent turning them into apple crisp and candied apples for the evening’s desert. We have an old-fashioned cider press at camp, and a team of campers worked with me to crush apples and turn them into warm, delicious apple cider.

The reunion haunted house is a tradition at Windsor mountain, and a team of campers worked with our staff create a special one. They spent almost a day and a half making props, costumes, and frightening displays. On Sunday evening we all had a chance to walk through it, with a costume party in the dining hall happening at the same time. The haunted house was amazing, and it was so great to see the effort made by the team pay off.

We took a lot of great pictures of the weekend, just follow this link if you’d like to see them:

Columbus Day Reunion Photos! (password same from summer 2018)

We hope you all had a great weekend.

Thanks for supporting Windsor Mountain in 2018, and we look forward to seeing you again next June!