… And drift back to New Hampshire where the purple lilacs grow!

… And drift back to New Hampshire where the purple lilacs grow!

That’s exactly what I can hear right now, and that means one thing and ONE thing only – CAMP has begun.

Ten long months of planning, planting, recruiting and wishing away the winter have given way, and we can all again breathe a sigh of happiness realizing that the magic surrounding these woods is back for another 8 weeks.

Opening day was basked in sunshine, and the deck literally was glittering. Department after department put on their own show, soccer games, slip and slides, music on the deck – you name it, it was there. A day full of new faces, old faces – always happy faces – and staff decked in green this year – it really was just a joyful and happy day. Windsor Mountain is a special place for so many people, so to be able to share it with new families is something we all look forward to doing. Have you ever been in a place surrounded by people from all four corners of the world? Well the main deck symbolized just that yesterday.

Flights were arriving literally left, right and center from near, far and even some off the map places, all joined together by the same common goal – a summer at WINDSOR MOUNTAIN.
4.30pm brought the familiar bell ringing, THE NEW YORK BUSES are here and in true Windsor mountain tradition everyone ran in all directions and greeted our City friends. I am always impressed by the energy that comes off this five-hour journey each year.

Literally, I looked around just before dinner last night and I still could not believe the people who were surrounding each other, culture upon culture has a representative, accents were floating in the air and laughter was the most prominent sound. Then the bell rang – SPAGHETTI night!

Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti – the kids favorite and secretly the staff’s favorite. It is surprising how a comfort meal ensures the first night runs smoothly. From dinner, we went straight into a campfire (okay, camp overload, BUT they have been waiting all year for this moment). The campfire, slightly halted but not stopped by the New England unpredictable weather. So inside we went to continue or “sing.” Our wonderful music staff took to the stage and literally played us all into a wonderful state of Windsor mountain goodness. Believe it or not, the kids literally hit the pillows and slept like logs.

… And so the summer begins, rotation day is in full-swing. Lots of games today, bunk time and making lots of new friends – who wishes they were with us today, please form an orderly line!
I better run the lunch bell has just gone off and rumor has it – tasty homemade pizzas are on the menu. Tomorrow we start our first full day of activities – go camp!

But before I leave you – We know you all love photos of your children, so stay tuned for the website and password for photos, which will be up tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more updates!

With love from Windsor – Day 1,

Megan and the rest of the Windsor Mountain Team