Summer Camp Photos!

Summer Camp Photos!

Greetings from Windsor Mountain! Hooray for the first day of classes! Everyone has been busy today and enjoying their first classes of the summer. From dancing, drawing, making a TV show and learning magic to beginning guitar, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, Flying Monkeys (ropes) and stenciling, we’ve had a ridiculously huge number of things going on. There is truly something for everyone.

I am sure you are wondering about catching a glimpse of the action. Here are the details for our photo site and YouTube site for the summer.

Photos: Our photos this summer will be hosted by SmugMug. Here is the link:

You can view the photos here, as well as share them on Facebook (please remember to tag Windsor Mountain when you do!) or other sites should you wish. You can download them for free or you can purchase photo quality prints for .21 cents per print. (Please note that this is the cost charged by SmugMug (not camp), and 100% of the proceeds collected go to SmugMug and not camp). Regardless, there is obligation to buy any photos, and you can save them to your computer by right clicking on the photos and selecting “Save As.” We will email to all parents shortly the password for the photo site.

Also, here is a link to our YouTube site for the summer. We will periodically upload videos for your viewing pleasure:

Check out a quick video from our first full day of camp!

Alright, the dinner bell is about to ring (BBQ chicken tonight and plain chicken for those plain eaters) and tonight is Big Living Unit Night for our evening activity. While it is a bit overcast, the rain has held off all day.

More pictures to come so check back on SmugMug.

Bye for now!