The British Were Coming!

The British Were Coming!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Independence Day weekend, as WE HAD A BLAST!!! We had a traditional day of classes during the day, but, blew meal times and every other activity out of the park! To make up for the disappointment of having to postpone to July 5th, camp was woken with music and calls of “The British are coming!” to roll into a music and dance filled breakfast of red, white and blue pancakes and other holiday goodness…

For lunch, the dining hall and deck was turned into the All-American Windsor Mountain Diner, serving traditional diner food by counselor waiters and waitresses. The checkered table clothes and chicken fingers were a huge hit. ‘Siesta’ was changed up for ‘Fiesta’ where we had root beer floats and water fights and there wasn’t a clean or dry camper or staff member insight without a huge smile on their face. The afternoon ran a great free period with activities such as a free swim down at the waterfront but, our sugar overload was worn off during a huge game of Counselors vs. Campers Softball which, would you believe it, ended in a great ‘WindsorLocken Tie’ at 7-7, so everyone could enjoy the evening cookout in peace and harmony! The evening brought our annual July 4th Carnival, holding the typical sponge toss, doughnut on a string, photobooth, pudding drop and face painting ending with a spectacular display of fireworks while a counselor band played some great AC-DC classics!

Now we are two days into 4th Rotation of classes, with some of the highlights being Flag Football, Outdoor cooking and a beginner to Hip Hop dance class. We also have 11 campers on an exciting over night trip paddling down the Connecticut River. Thankfully no portages and the river is wide and offers some great fun-filled and mild rapids for our experienced leaders to guide our campers down.

The rain Monday night meant that we had to delay our game of ‘Return of the Flag’ to replace it with a great game of Stock Market where the campers had to work in their bunks to gather the most amount of money by working the system to see which Windsor Mountain stores were soaring or crashing! We had a great campfire last night and Big Living Unit night is tonight.  We are looking forward to Joels Coffee House Thursday night where we hold a relaxed open mic night to allow members of our community to show case a passion or talent whether it is a song, dance or story. A great laid back atmosphere after a great day at the beach. Oh, wait, forget I said that, it’s a SECRET!…erase, erase!!

Here is a link to a great video about the last few days:

Video Time!